Edu Prime Subs


The complexity of ensuring the quality and competent substitute teacher cover absences requires projecting and anticipating the need for a task that keeps the HR staff busy throughout the clock.

The current market is plagued with acute teacher shortage and high teacher turnover, hence a need to tap into the local talent to mitigate the vacancies created.

With this challenge in mind schools and districts are turning to EDU Prime LLC for the acquisition of quality substitute teachers. Coupled with the educational experience, business acumen we deliver qualified personnel to schools and school districts with customized solutions to fit the needs of each client.

Benefits of joining the Edu Prime Team


Flexible schedules for ideal work and life balance

Easy Payment

Direct Deposit the convenience of your income when you need it

Get Ready

We will help you manage your requirements before the first day of class

Pre-approved ACT 48 Provider

As a Pre-Approved Act 48 Providers our training can earn you Act 48 hours needed for licensure

Our partnerships with STEDI will ensure that you are up to date with all the training requirements and skills needed to effectively manage Substitute teaching work environment

Teacher Substitute

Is Flexibility a premium on your desired career goal? The Consider working as a Substitute teacher and manage your own calendar.

Have you always wanted to become a teacher and/or considering becoming a teacher but don’t know where to start from? Consider getting into teacher through Substitute Teaching.


Perhaps substitute teaching is not for you, but you would still love to work in the school environment. Edu Prime provides schools and school districts a variety of aides and para-professionals.

Find out how you can join our staff pool as a Guest Teacher, Home School Teacher or a Paraprofessional. We conduct interview continuously.

Schools and Districts

Let us help you save time managing your Substitute teacher needs, Recruiting, Interviewing and overheads.

We handle recruitment for your school or your district, Investing time and resources into recruitment to ensure 100% fill rates. Our conduits include Universities, vast pool of retiring teachers, media and career websites.

We screen and credentialize the candidates prior to walking into the buildings.

We take care of hiring Substitute Teachers and Para Professionals and place them in your school building so that you can focus on teaching.

We integrate with Ready Sub so that you can take access­­­ reporting whenever you need it.