Why Edu Prime Subs;

At EDU PRIME LLC, We have perfected the hiring process, by spreading out the recruitment process throughout the year, building a substitute teacher database that meets individual client needs.


We are Expert at training and retaining Substitute Teachers. We train and credentialize our pool of substitutes before reporting to class. Our partner schools and districts can be rest assured that all our substitute teachers have passed all the necessary background checks and the necessary credentials are valid and up to date.


With working with EDU Prime LLC, we assure you of trained personnel releasing the need of managers to operationalize teacher absence. This is done while informing teachers and personnel in the school of the quality of substitute teachers deployed, gaining direct benefit with working with us. We continuously work with the business office integrating systems releasing the payroll and human resource burden. Accurate analysis related data and analytics increasing efficiency.


Edu Prime LLC offers a cost-effective means of managing eliminating many hidden costs associated with hiring, training, and managing a pool of substitute teachers for your school or district.


Your partnership with EDU Prime LLC, you develop staff with subs working in different buildings everyday relieving the districts management duties involved in day to day management of personnel.


By offering competitive wages, benefits and periodic training incentives to our personnel EDU Prime sustains long term and motivated substitute teachers ready to make a difference.